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  • Hi

    I am using Woocommerce with a Catch theme. All works well apart from the images for my products, which is driving me mad.

    Something is making my images stretch – I have used Chrome debug and it shows the images size as 499xx499x but I can’t find the code that is telling it to resize it to that. I don’t want my images that big.
    I have uploaded the largest image I have (over 1000px) and it still makes the picture quality blurry.

    I have regenerated thumbnails countless times (using plugin) and messed about with the image sizes both in the ‘media’ section and within Woocommerce.

    Please can someone help!!


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  • Also i have tried looking through the woocommerce css and it is a complete jumble, the css commands are not separated onto separate lines and has given me eye and headache trying to decipher it!

    its the ‘featured image’ i am have having problems with

    I heard that a lot with this plugin.
    You need to adjust the image size in the settings at
    woocommerce > settings > catalog > image options
    according to the size your theme sizes them (!), not the other way round.
    Look here for the comment of Laura:

    Don’t forget to install the “Resize Thumbnails” plugin and run it.

    You may also need to adjust your theme CSS so that it doesn’t forcible increase image size when presenting images on the screen. So for example, maybe the actual image is 350 x 350, but CSS sets the width and height to 400 x 400, in which case it will look somewhat blurry in many cases.

    Thanks very much! God that was annoying. And it has sorted the blurry image.
    However it still gives me a lot of space between the image and the description. When I hover over it the space allowed is still 499px and I cannot find what is actually telling it to do this? It says the div is images, and there wasn’t a div called images so I added one in the CSS but it doesn’t make any difference.

    Any ideas?

    A link to your site would be helpful.

    I’d like to resize the short description box area too so I can have that bigger and move everything up the page a bit more. this again is set at 499px width

    sorted it!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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