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  • So you already waited a week and no one helps? Makes me wonder if it is better not to use this plugin…

    There are two types of images in WPOLS; thumbnail and main product. The thumbnail will appear on the category page (where you have a list of products) and it will appear on the product page if you have no main product image uploaded.

    You can upload multiple main product images. These will be displayed on the product page as one large image and the rest as smaller images. When the customer clicks on a smaller image it will replace the large image. If the customer clicks on the larger image it will expand to full size.

    For a nice balanced looking website I always try and get the aspect ration the same for each image that I upload. This is not essential, but I find it does help (aesthetically).—adding-them-and-setting-sizes—images

    @hartmuntz: This is not the official forum for the plugin and, as with all forums, it is up to the forum users to leave responses. Just because no one has posted within a week does not have any bearing upon the plugin – it simply means that no other users have either looked at this post or have wanted to respond. There are many, many forums and posted within wordpress which have not been responded to in months. Perhaps you should check each one and leave a message as you do not seem to have anything better to do.

    As one of the plugins developers I do look in on this forum when I have time available (and not all plugin producers do that). But, as a developer, we do have to put our time in on other aspects of the plugin, such as working on updates and bug fixes within the plugin, answering questions/issues in our ticket system, or monitoring the dedicated forum on our website;

    The main point of a forum is to exchange ideas and help each other out. If you have nothing constructive to add, or are not willing to help then I do not think you have quite grasped the concept.

    Actually, I have no time to spare, not as you suggested, too much idle time to waste complaining in forums. Actually, I was not even complaining, I merely mentioned that I cannot waste my time on a plugin with little support, because I need to get my work done.. Initial testing of the WP online store I did was not working very well for me, so sorry, I understand developers need to eat too and probably prefer people to buy the paid versions, which is fine as long as they actually get the job done.. In respect to “I have nothing constructive to add” as you mentioned, sorry, I wished I could add something, but if the shopping cart does not function, that’s it for me as a non-developer. If I was so knowledgable and clever to create a wonderful site myself I would hardly sniff around the wordpress forum asking questions, lol, lighten up man… cheers, Groggo

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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