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    I have a slight problem with Image Dimensions. It’s set to 500×500 in the options, but NGFB still puts meta og:image around the featured pic that is always 125×125 px. in every post. As the same thing happens with WP SEO, i guess it has something to do with the theme itself. I am always using 125×125 px. featured image, and to my understanding NGFB should skip it since its smaller then the h:w specified in options.

    The question is, can I do something so the first image (featured) can be skipped?

    Debug is on


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  • I somehow messed up the link sorry

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    NGFB will ask WordPress and NextGEN Gallery to give it an image of a certain size (500×500 in your case), but if the *original* image in the WordPress Media Library (or NextGEN Gallery) is smaller than that, the WordPress and NextGEN Gallery will provide the largest image size they can, but they won’t *upscale* an image. Your original image in the WordPress Media Library and/or NextGEN Gallery must be larger than 500×500.

    I don’t know why you would upload small images to your Media Library… WordPress works with various image sizes, all scaled down from a larger original. Your theme should be setting, and using, an image size name like ‘post-thumbnail’ or something else. Have a look at the “Simple Image Sizes” plugin to see and change the various sizes used by your theme and others (go to Settings -> Media after installing it).

    I never thought WP and NextGEN Gallery might return images that are too small — I only discriminate for small images in the content. This may be something I might have to add in v6.2.3…

    There’s no way to tell NGFB to ignore featured images — they’re featured for a reason. 😉 The only alternative I can think of might be to define a specific image for each Post and Page in the Pro version… Even then, you’d have to enter the URL to a larger image instead of specifying an Image ID from your Media Library, since those seem to be too small…

    I would suggest you reconsider how you manage your images… It would be better to upload larger images, that can then be resized for whatever need your theme and other plugins have.



    Thanks for the fast reply. I am using 125×125 because since version 3.5.0, wordpress is not allowing you to set featured thumbnail size. I will have to find a way to do this from the theme’s function.php manually.

    Anyway thanks for clarifying that there is no problem with the plugin I will keep using it, great support.

    Plugin Author JS Morisset


    Ah. Well, they probably leave that to the theme.

    You’re probably after the ‘post-thumbnail’ size. Download “Simple Image Sizes” as I suggested earlier — you’ll be able to change the ‘post-thumbnail’ size.

    Alternatively, you could just hard-code it in your functions.php file:

    set_post_thumbnail_size( 125, 125, true );



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