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    I upgraded to V3.7 yesterday and I have discovered that in the WordPress editor any images that use the WordPress caption facility take up the whole of the page width and more.

    They display fine on my site, but it makes editing difficult.

    When I remove the caption everything is OK as it was with previous WordPress version.

    This applies to images in the WordPress media gallery and the Nextgen gallery.

    Help please!


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  • Clicking the edit button does nothing for me in IE 10. Will try the wp-config fix now.

    Yeah, some of the images don’t appear to have an horizontal scroll.

    Currently working on it, will be out today.

    @ray Monohan click Edit Image, then Update in the popup. That should reset the width.

    @lilbadmofo the image caption “pushes” the editor width, the horizontal scrollbar would be on the editor. If you don’t see the image, select it and try clicking the “Align Left” button in the editor toolbar. That should make it visible. Then align it where you want it.

    Hi I have Twenty Twelve and it no long allows the image to be right, left or centred – just fills the page.

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    Just so you know…

    Using IE 10 Windows64 bit
    Visual View I see the WIDE image that is displaying just fine on live site but when I click on the image I get NO popup. ALL I get is the border being highlighted…I can’t see the left side of the image as I assume (via this thread) that its 10000 pixels to the left of my monitor. I have no horizontal scroll…

    Same here Ray. Can’t select the image to hit align or edit etc. I’ll just have to wait for a fix and not bother with workarounds for now.

    I’m publishing posts from my writers just fine, I just have to go into html view and edit the image px

    @ray Monohan click Edit Image, then Update in the popup. That should reset the width. – this fixes it until you save, then it goes back.
    temp fix in wp-config.php works for me, thanks.
    define(‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, true);

    I have the same problem, but the issue is only for bigger images. I have some thumbnail and small images, like the first one in this link :

    they are not affected and look fine.

    I think I should wait for a new version or a fix.

    They are working on a fix.

    I’m getting the same problem. No use putting in pictures. I try to put a small picture on the left-hand side of the post and it takes up the whole 640 pixel screen on post.

    I’m disappointed and surprised that wp would send out an upgrade to everyone with this big a bug in it.

    The smooth running of our sites is extremely important.

    When will the fix be done and can we be notified of it soonest?


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    Please try and be patient. It’s rough I know when a bug effects your site but as you can see from this topic this is something that is actively being worked on.

    It is good that folk are working on this major issue. It is a big disappointment, yet we do need to be patient and hope the technical boffins come up with a solution soon.

    Do scientists mind being called boffins?

    Scientists are divided over the label, with some seeing ‘boffin’ as deeply offensive and others taking it as a badge of honour

    I think it is neat to call WP coders scientists!

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 89 total)
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