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  • I hope someone can help me. This past week for some reason, I’ve had trouble with iFrames and with javascript on my pages. They’re perfectly fine on the main page, but my plugboard is all messed up, and the blogroll (which uses javascript) on my “Handy-Idle Blog Ring” page is gone.

    I haven’t done anything drastic to my blog. The last thing I remember doing is making a copy of the default Kubrick theme I’ve been using, but changed the header. I’ve tried going through the forums for an answer but had no such luck.

    To check it out for yourself, you can visit my blog at Kaonashi Ga Suki Thanks in advance.

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  • *bump*

    I don’t think anyone saw my question the first time around. I really need someone’s help on this. Thanks very much.

    I am having trouble with iframes also since I upgraded to WordPress 2.01.

    The new text editor is converting the iframes code incorrectly and dropping off the </iframe> trailer with />.

    I don’t know if this helps, but you mentioned iframes and you were having problems.

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