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    Hey guys,

    We are thinking about buying the premium version of the plugin as really like the functionality.

    Currently we have noticed 2 issues with the free version installed:

    1. iframes on other site elements seem to be affected by your iframe CSS. For example when I click on the details link from a plugin, the info window shows very small, the same size as your iframe. For some reason it is being wrapped with your iframe class.

    2. We are using the Oxygen builder, and when we create a product template, there is some text that appears quite large saying ‘Or’ between button and the quantity picker, and also the spacing is messed up with the button and the quantity picker.

    Do you know if your plugin works OK with the Oxygen builder? Maybe we just have to add a load of custom CSS?

    Many thanks for your help!

    Best wishes,


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  • Hello @lanxalot

    Thanks for using our plugin,

    1. It seems that the issue with the theme maybe the theme which you are using is not compatible with our plugin.

    2. We haven’t checked our plugins compatibility with the oxygen builder so might be there is some compatibility issue with your builder.


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