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  • Hi there.
    I have a blog and the template works perfectly on Firefox, but it’s completely different on IE (and on Chrome, too).

    Probably it’s something with the css, but i don’t know what, since it works on Firefox…

    please, take a look:

    [and the css file: ]

    Another problem is with the padding on the content div. I put a 30px padding cause I didn’t want the content to hit the blue area. However, everytime i write a new post, the 30px padding does a retreat.


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  • Hi,

    Please change the css and set your theme as fixed-width and set the sidebar settings from css too. It should resolve the issue.

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    Advising people to make their blogs of fixed width is bad advice.

    Moderator kmessinger


    meela Go here, and correct the errors in your code. You will be surprised how things suddenly look correct in IE7 and FF3.

    I suggest you change the theme … what really made you like it ? :S

    I looked for one positive thing in it and couldnt find.. there are plenty of free themes that are truelly magnificent.. U better pick one and customize it to your needs ..

    hey guys, thanks for helping. kmessinger, i’ll see the erros in validator (i tried to validate there before getting here but it didn’t work).

    and iceq, i’m responsible for making the things as the audience likes. I’m not guilty if you are not a part of this audience. =/

    Well, I saw the errors on validator, but most of them are things I cannot correct because…doesn’t seem like an error, I guess.
    Things like “you cannot put a > on your code”.

    I don’t think the problem is there…=/

    This is just stupid – you ASKED for help. You got it – you were advised to validate your site before looking for other errors. That is a critical issue! Before you can think of looking for other problems your site must validate.

    Now you say you don’t think the errors you saw in the validator have anything to do with your problems.

    So why did you bother asking for help?

    hey, I didn’t say this at all (and sorry, but I don’t think you have to be rude).
    What I’m saying is I validated my site and there were errors that I couldn’t correct because it’s things like “take off the >“. If I take off this tag, then it would be really wrong, because it’d be an opened tag, right?

    I just don’t know how to fix this problems without breaking the whole code.

    Ps: why are you being so rude? Is there something with new people in here?

    Anyways, I validated the code and the problem still exists…
    What can it be, then?

    Moderator kmessinger


    Well, it does look nice in FF 3 but FF is reporting errors. Also you can see css errors here,

    Your html validates (great!). It does reference a page background, that is not there.

    So, I wish it one simple thing but AKAIK, you need to start with error free code.

    correct because it’s things like “take off the >”. If I take off this tag, then it would be really wrong, because it’d be an opened tag, right?

    Look – it’s being reported as an incorrect tag – so what makes you think that removing it (as the validator requires) would leave an open tag? It’s an extraneous piece of code! Remove it!

    Moderator kmessinger


    Sarus, meela did correct the validation errors and the site validates. This is kinda a work in progress. :^)

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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