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  • You may have a stylesheet conflict somewhere. I’m using Chrome and I cannot even see the dot when I select a radio button.

    Changing the theme to 2012 and see if it is fixed or not.
    If not, try disabling different plugins till you find the one now playing nice.

    Hi jeffreyd000,

    Thanks for the suggestion. When I switch to the 2014 theme the radio buttons work.

    Does this suggest that the problem is with the theme rather than with a conflict with another plugin?

    Thank you.

    Changing your theme was a good idea. It might be the theme or it might be a plugin that that does not play well with all three enabled (theme, donations and the other plugin)

    What you could also try is in the settings.. You can load the donations script either in the header or in the footer. Did you try switching toggling that while still in your original theme?

    I tried toggling the header/footer switch but that made no difference.

    Any other ideas or am I at the point of having to deactivate each plugin one by one in hopes that that helps pinpoint the culprit?

    Thanks again.

    Well that stinks, yeah you are going to need to see if it is another plugin or the theme or that combo.

    When I’ve had to disable the plugins I usually go in alphabetical order.
    disable all the ones that start with A, then B and so on. Goes a little faster.

    Once you find out what it is try to get back in touch with the Seamless Developer and see what he suggests for the next move.

    I had a brainstorm and used my staging site to test this. With all other plugins disabled, the radio buttons still don’t work in Google Chrome.

    Seems to indicate a conflict with the theme itself, no?

    I updated both to the latest version of the theme and to WordPress 3.9 and the radio buttons are now working in Chrome. I did see that the Seamless Donations author wants to hand off the project to someone else because he’s too busy so this might not be a long-term solution for me.

    Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!

    If it works, stick with it. It seems to be the best donation option out there. I understand where the developer is coming from. That is why I make a donation to him every time I use it. I value his time and contribution to the community.


    That’s definitely a good idea. I haven’t started using it yet, but once it’s underway I’ll be donating back to him in gratitude.

    Thanks again for your help with this.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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