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  • Dear reader

    If you clicked this topic, you’re probably familiar with Google Maps (V3) and Clustering, or you might have the same problem as I’m having and this is why you’re reading this. I’d advice you to read on and, if you possible have a solution or can just guide me to a solution, it would be much appreciated.

    The problem
    I’m using google maps V3 in my website (can’t give link ’cause it is on localhost, using LAMP.

    I’ve managed to put in MarkerClustering, so markers that are close to each other will be “clustered” and shown as only one marker.

    Picture to see this is at the bottom.

    But the real problem now: if more than one post share the same lat and long attributes (more than one post has the same geo-location) it is impossible to view the seperate posts on the map. If you click on the Cluster-Marker, you ‘try’ to zoom in and, obviously, fail ’cause it’s impossible to seperate them as individual markers.

    What I’m aiming to accomplish: if you click on a Cluster, you don’t zoom in, you just show all the posts in the InfoWindow that are in that cluster, instead of trying to zoom in and seperate them.

    Can anyone help me accomplish this? Or guide me in the right direction?

    Help is much appreciated, as I said before. =)

    Link to show MarkerClustering

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