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  • Hi guys…

    First off, I’m a complete newb, and have bluffed my way through WP to create my whole site, but I finally need help!

    If someone could take a look for me I’d be so grateful!

    I have been given this piece of code, which is supposed to be a login box which logs people in to a 3rd party site;

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    I thought that I’d be able to simply paste this code in the HTML tab of my editor, and it would work (?).

    All I get visually on the actual site is the text “Username” and “Password”.

    I assume the code is sound because I pasted it into a HTML code tester and it looked about right…

    Am I missing something else?

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  • I tested this on my site and got the form it showed all the input fields showed up and when i input login credentials it logged me into

    are you sure the html tab was selected?

    Hey There,

    Thanks for looking – yes absolutely putting it into the html tab..

    In fact, when i switch back the visual tab, the login box looks as it should.

    As soon as I publish it though, it disappears! (except for the text “username” and “password”

    what is your site i am using the twentyten theme and just dropping it into the html tab worked for me….

    I’m using

    “Digg 3 Column”

    Can that make a difference?

    It shouldn’t… but i am not very familiar with the various themes out there so i guess its possible…

    What is the url of your site…

    I’m trying to add the login box at the bottom of the /nutrition page.

    I’ve also tried to add the code to the text widget with similar results…

    So you are getting the actual form tags and the table that the form is wrapped in but the input tags are what are missing…

    I wonder if you theme added a filter to page output to disallow form.

    could you do me a favor change you theme to the default twenty ten and see if the form shows up then if it does then its a theme issue if not then maybe one of your plugins…

    Hey There,

    I changed my theme to twenty ten, and it displayed a login box of sorts… it wasn’t functional at all…

    I did a screenshot for you..

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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