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  • Hello everybody!

    This is my first post on this forum. The reason for it is that I’ve come across my first problem while building my own (also first) theme for WordPress.

    First of all some info about my setup:

    • WordPress 3.5
    • WP Lightbox 2.26

    My problem is that after enabling the WP Lightbox plugin, adding a new page and an image to it’s content a rel=[lightbox] is not being automatically added to the link to that image, making lightbox not working.

    Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

    • Searched the forums for similar threads
    • I’ve disabled all other plugins and left only the WP Lightbox on – this didn’t help
    • Switched from my theme to another – surprise – that did make lightbox work
    • Triple checked for wp_header() and wp_footer() in my theme – they’re there
    • Manually added an image and a link with rel=[lightbox] – that made lightbox work for this single image
    • I’ve tried to strip my functions.php off any unneeded lines – part by part (but I might have did something wrong) – that didn’t help

    Having all points in mind my conclusion is that the plugin is working fine since other themes are displaying linked images in a lightbox. Also images added by hand are displayed as they should be.

    Replacing my theme with another is out of the question since it’s my own custom one and it required a lot of work from me.

    I just need to find out what is wrong with it and fix it.

    Unfortunetly my WordPress installation is not public. I’ve setup a local web server on my laptop for the time of development. I can put it on the web but obviously not for a long amount of time since the laptop is not always available.

    I’d like to ask if anyone has any idea about what could be wrong and/or had similar problems. Any clues, ideas and advices would be great.

    Please tell me if You need any more information from me and I will provide it ASAP (for example parts of my theme’s code).

    Thank You in advance!

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