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  • I’ve setup a Portal page on my site using the get_linksbyname tag. Each section of the page is a seperate list generated using its own set of variables. One list of links is for the web comics that I read and is generated using this snippet of code:
    <?php get_linksbyname("Web Comics", "<li>", "</li>", "", show_images, "name", false, false, -1, show_updated); ?>

    The problem is that one of the links that WordPress is generating via that tag is different from what I entered into WP’s Link Manager.
    Real Link:

    Generated link: & # 0 3 8 ;date=last

    The difference is there at the end. Instead of generating a normal &; WP is doing it as & # 0 3 8 ; Naturally, this means I get a 404 message when clicking the link. Is this something that I need to submit as a bug? Also, any suggestions on how to fix the problem?

    Note: When the link is generated there are no spaces in & # 0 3 8 ; but I had to put the spaces in for the forum to display the characters.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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