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  • Hello,

    I’d like to ask You for help with putting a gallery into my posts/pages. I’ve read the article here: but still can’t get it work.

    First of all when I click an “add gallery” button I get ‘<!–gallery–>’ not ‘[gallery]‘ as it’s shown in the article above. I also can’t figure out how to point the created gallery input to the folder where I keep the photos. Finally when I get anything close to what I need (with a plugin called Inline gallery) all there is looks like a list of pictures, not the photos.

    I’d be grateful for a kind of step by step instruction how to put gallery into wordpress. I couldn’t find anything in the database or the forum.

    Thanks in advance and best regards,


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  • Eric Amundson


    Volunteer Moderator


    Not exactly sure what the problem is, but I suspect that you’re not uploading the images per page/post.

    So, if I have 5 images I’d like to display on the About page, I’d:

    1. login to Admin
    2. browse to Manage/Pages and select About
    3. click the Media icon in the toolbar
    4. upload the five images I’d like to display on the About page
    5. once they’re uploaded and I’ve set the titles and descriptions, click the ‘add gallery’ button.
    6. it should place a [gallery] shortcode in the page

    Hope that helps.

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