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  1. berard
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I'm having a problem generating RSS feeds with friendly urls, and I thank you in advance if you can guide me to a solution :

    Actually, I have a WordPress blog and want to be able to generate RSS feeds categories, which is possible using

    And since I don't want my visitors (and search engines) to use such an url, I have a PHP page (rss.php) with the following code :
    $expl = explode("/",$HTTP_SERVER_VARS["REQUEST_URI"]);

    When I enter http://www.mysite.com/rss.php/mycat in an aggregator, I get a "not found" error, but in Firefox, I get my RSS.

    You might also want to know that I can't use mod_rewrite on my site.

    Anyone has a clue?

    EDIT: Actually, what I first used is apache's MultiViews (to be able to have mysite.com/rss/mycat), I first thought that might be the problem (apache serving the wrong mime-type), but it doesn't work even calling just mysite.com/rss.php/mycat

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