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  • Hi Thomstark,

    I’m having problems displaying file names with latin character, like accents letters, in table list.

    Can you help me, please? I was searching in posts but I haven’t found anything about it.


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  • Hey,
    i *just* fixed this problem by incorporating this hack:

    I added this ( file as ‘inc.utf8.php’ in file-away/lib/inc/
    and changed file-away/lib/inc/inc.file-array.php to this (

    For thomstark: I changed lines 3, 22 and 23 in inc.file-array.php, please consider adding that code to your plugin for us european folks in Ümlautländ.

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    Thanks Furbainsky!

    In my case, the problem wasn’t in File Away but in the way I upload the files to the hosting. I don’t konow why but if I upload the files one by one to the hosting there’s no problem, but if I upload the files in a ZIP and I uncompress the files in the hosting appears the failure in latin characters.

    Anyway I take your recommendation in case I have problems of this type in the future.

    Thanks a lot!

    My pleasure!

    To Thomstark: I put up a pull request for you for easy merging into your code:



    I wanted to implement your solution.
    But everytime, when I copy the two modified files in the file-away/lib/inc/ folder, the page with the integrated file-away shortcode will not load.
    If I delete/change the 3 new lines from the inc.file-array.php, everything is ok again.

    Could you help please?


    perhaps the full code the github pull request can help you.


    Thanks for your reply.

    Sadly the full code didn’t help me. 🙁
    I copied the class.win1252_compatibility.php in the lib/cls/ folder and edited the inc.file-array.php with the 3 new lines from the full github code.
    Sadly without success.

    Could you please send me your 2 working php-files (

    Thanks again,

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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