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    The difference appears to be theme related. One site has static page home, the other a latest post home. Different templates (same theme) are used in each case. It’s possible a static page with the theme used simply does not support featured images. I recommend asking through your theme’s dedicated support channel. We’re unable to support commercial themes in these forums.

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    Both sites have a static page home. The theme I use is a genesis child theme, which is a commercial theme, but it should be pretty stable. The problem that I define the featured image in one subsite of the network, and it shows up on the main site. I just wonder, how does it even get there? How does the main site know what picture I defined on a subsite home page? That is absolutely strange!

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    Strange indeed. It shouldn’t be possible for code to do so accidentally. Site uploads are kept in separate sub-folders. The related data in the DB is kept in separate tables. But if the image should occur in the main site as a duplicate, all that makes it a featured image is one integer value saved with the page. It’s not unheard of for data to become corrupted for any number of reasons.

    If the image occurs as a duplicate, it’s not too surprising that it might become a featured image. But if it only occurs on a sub-site, we’d need a good bit of custom code to get it into the main site on purpose. Unless this keeps happening, it’ll be difficult to determine how this happened.

    FWIW, the image’s URL indicates it belongs to the main site. Sub-site media URLs all have /sites/ in their URL.



    I have a similar problem, but slightly different. I have a multisite set up but currently there is only 1 subsite. That subsite is fully optimized (site itself has a featured image, as do all pages) but when I share the link to the homepage on Facebook it does not show a featured image.
    However, when I share a link to another page than the homepage, the featured image that I set for that page is displayed …
    So there seems to be something wrong with the featured images of homepages of sites that are in a multisite network …

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    @jrgndwvr — You should start your own topic please. We strongly discourage tagging onto other’s topics with same or similar problems. The root cause is rarely the same and bringing up different problems detracts from the attention the OP deserves for their problem.

    While I have your attention though, if the images work fine on your sites, but fail to be shown on Facebook, that indicates a problem with the OG tags that provide FB with the data it needs. WP does not output OG tags, they are usually output by a SEO or social media plugin. In that case I suggest asking for help through the dedicated support channel of the plugin responsible for OG tags.

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