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  • Greetings,
    I have managed to install the Event Calendar; however, there are still a few steps that are not clear.

    1) I am not certain which of my template files i need to insert the following code into ec3_get_calendar() or ec3_get_events(). I see the following files under my theme editor:
    * Stylesheet
    * Comments
    * Search Results
    * Header
    * Main Index Template
    * Footer

    2)Where is the sidebar.php file located? I see one in the home directory.

    3) Once I locate the sidebar.php file, which of the following two codes do I put in there? Can I put them any where in the file?

  • <?php ec3_get_calendar(); ?>
  • <?php _e(‘Events’); ?>
    <?php ec3_get_events(5); ?>
  • Thank you for your assistance.

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