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    I tried out Firetree’s Event Calendar 3.0 on my blog a few weeks ago and just didn’t find it useful, so I deleted it. However, it made some changes which I can’t seem to undo.

    If you look at my Archives, at the very bottom, just before “Technical”, you will see a “0”. In the admin panel, when I click on Manage Posts, up where it says “Show Month”, there is a “0” in the box instead of a month name. The most recent posts are displayed, but the unexplained/unasked-for zero is still making me a little crazy. Would be really thankful if someone could figure out how to get rid of it. I can send screenshots of the Admin Panel if it would help.

    I’ve posted a couple of requests for help on Event Calendar’s support page:, but he never answers me. My blog’s address is if you want to see what I mean by the “0” at the end of the Archives list.

    Thanks in advance, guys.

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  • Can’t imagine how it could be an issue with an unplugged EventCalendar. Could it be a post with a bad date or a paging problem?

    How would I figure out if it was a post with a bad date or a paging problem? What would I be looking for?

    I don’t know, but I am leaning towards it being a paging problem. If you page back through any month, the last page is always “Not found” Perhaps it is plugin related – one still activated. I’d first deactivate all plugins.

    And you might have shot yourself in the foot suggesting it was a problem with a particular plugin. I almost didn’t read this thread because I am not very familiar with EC3

    Shari, I did a search for your
    (BTW, nothing related to the event calendar…)

    Dang, went looking for the thread and got beat out. Hopefully it is an errant post date.

    Hi guys.. sorry it took me so long to come back! I looked at the thread moshu posted and think that might be my problem. I’m so sorry I said it was EC3’s fault… the only reason I thought it was, was because adding and playing with EC3 was the very last thing I did before the zero showed up. Not smart of me.

    I think what Jerry said in that thread is most likely my problem. I was trying to get the future calendar dates like birthdays, which are “all day” events, to NOT have a time attached to them (they were showing 12:00 AM). So I experimented with making the time 00:00, and must have done something somewhere to make that zero show up.

    Now I have no idea how to fix it. I’m a total noob at databases. Before I asked for help, I deleted all the posts I had made for EC3, deleted the “Events” category I’d created for EC3, and then deactivated the plugin and deleted it.

    A quick search in phpmyadmin shows 23 matches for the 000-00-00 00:00 search string in wp-links. They appear to be my links, like for my blogroll and navigation. The 00… thing is showing up as the value for each link under “link_updated”.

    So sorry for the lack of technically-correct words… I am so new at this. Hopefully someone has an idea where to go from here?

    Beel, thanks for pointing out my error in assuming it was related the the Event Calendar. It WAS related, but only under the category of “user error”. Heh. Sorry.

    Just playing around in myphpadmin this morning… would it be safe to rename all the 0000-00-00 strings with an actual date and time? Might that fix the problem? I’m kind of scared of tinkering with anything in the databases without someone’s guidance.

    Hi Shari. I’m glad you managed to find a solution to your problem.

    I’m sorry that you felt I didn’t answer your question. In fact I did reply to your posts, I just wasn’t able to diagnose your problem. Now that you’ve found what caused the problem, I’ll update the EC3 documentation so that others can avoid making the same mistake you made.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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