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    When I use the revisionize plugin to republish, it sends an email to my followers with a 404 error! This is a huge problem. I started using one signal as a work around to shut off email notifications. It worked the first time, but for some reason with the last post I did, it sent an email even though I unchecked the box. I went back to the post and the box was still unchecked, indicating I didn’t make any mistakes? What’s going on? Should I delete this plugin? Any alternative plugins?

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    Revisionize doesn’t work with some of the email notification plugins. This is because the notifications are triggered off of a post that gets published. Revisionize does the same. Behind the scenes Revisionize makes a copy of your original post. When you “publish” that copy, your notification plugin responds by sending off an email, however it’s using the ID/URL of the copy. Revisionize also responds to that publish event and copies the copy (itself) back onto the original post and then either deletes the copy, or moves it to draft status.

    Original (ID: 123)
    Revisionize 123
    Revision created (Copy of 123 with ID 789)
    Publish 789
    Notification sent for 789
    Revisionize updates 123 with content from 789
    Delete/Draft 789
    User gets email with link to 789 but it’s gone/draft.

    If your notification plugin can be triggered from events other than publish, you can attempt to have it triggered off the “revisionize_after_publish” action, which provides the Original ID (123).

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    Thank you so much for the explanation!I thought it seemed like the email draft was from the draft. I’ll look into it.

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