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    I made the shop on woocommerce plugin, it works great, but that’s one problem, after the order it registeres in the system and it’s all ok, but the problem is that the email-notification doesn’t send neither me nor the customer.I had checked the correctness of my email in Woocommerce several times & I had change my php memory to 90Mb, but it doesn’t help me. Please help to solve my problem

    PS: version of Woocommerce which i use – 1.6.6; WP – 3.5

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  • Coen Jacobs, Yes I try to deactivating and activating the WooCommerce several times but it doesn’t help.

    Can you explain detail about “If deactivate/activate doesn’t work, you’ll have to go in your database manually and change the slugs back to the slug values of the titles”.

    In addition to this problem, after deactivate/activate WC my cart started to malfunction. When I push “add to cart” displayed that item has added & it displayed in mini-cart(widget panel) too, but when I go to cart it is empty. When I back (refresh page) to the sold item it still displayed in mini card. WTF?

    PS: Very big thank you for your patience & help.

    In the wp_terms table both the term names and slugs are stored. I think your terms (related to the order status taxonomy) have the id of the term set as slug, instead of the slug value as it’s supposed to be.

    If you’re not sure, please post how the data in the wp_terms table looks like for the terms: cancelled, completed, failed on-hold, pending, processing, refunded (no need to show the others).

    If anything, please make sure you backup everything before you do anything.

    Sory, but I don’t understand what I need to do. I did screenshots of myphpadmin ALL wp_term, because I don’t what wp_term I need, maybe when you look on it you can say, what the problem in?



    In screenshot 3, you see these terms:


    Notice that the slug column has numbers. What should be in the slug column for each of those terms is the term slug itself, which is what I listed above. So for example, edit the term with term id 9, change the slug field to processing, which matches the name. Do that for all of the above terms, and in theory that should fix the problem.

    “Coen Jacobs” & “ Team” THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! You can not imagine how happy I am!!!!))) IT’S All WORKING! Thank you once again! Have a good day!

    Well I wish this would have been my problem too.
    I updated Woocommerce and lost my email notifications. I downgraded and got them back, but since some datas were missing from my orders, I upgraded again and got back my datas and lost the notifications.

    I checked my slugs and they are OK.
    I deactivated all plugins with no change.
    I do receive the low stock notifications, but not those about orders.
    I am disouraged cause I spent a lot on Woocommerce plugins and now I can’t get it work properly and no one seem to be able to help me.

    My customers do have to receive their notifications. This is a major problem.

    IgniteWoo Team, can you help me too?

    Thank you!

    +1 on @farouchia‘s comment

    Email notification works ramndomly, Paypal emails come in every time but New Order emails to the store owner and the customer seems sporadic and unreliable.

    My client is considering dropping Woo for Shopify as it’s currently unworkable, any pointers folks, I’m loosing the will to live!

    Many thanks

    Hi! Have you tried this?

    I had similar issues and that simple post solved my problem 🙂

    Hi, im having a big problem with my wordpress websites.

    Last night i was working on its a woocommerce website, the problem was woocommerce/wordpress doesnt send any email for register new user, new order etc. i have tried everything i know, change the email address, setup smtp email plugin etc. its not working. The funny thing is, if add a new user myself from wp-admin i receive email notification from but i didnt write this email anywhere.

    And this morning i tried my other wordpress websites on same hosting, as lost mypassword on wp-login page, and they all dont work. So my all wordpress websites do not send email for reset password/new user/new order.

    i have called godady and they have upload an sendmail.php file to my hosting, i tried to send email via this file and it works. So they are saying that the problem is not with hosting, cause we use same php file with wordpress and it sends email. they says that you need to contact with wordpress??

    Any idea about this problem, or any idea how to contact to wordpress?

    The emails will only go out once an order goes into processing or directly into completed status. Status 6 is not a default order status.

    Is it possible to get emails for Status 6? I use woocommerce\classes\gateways\cod\class-wc-cod.php and it’s necessary to get emails for “Pending” orders..

    Hi to all, Guys i have a similar issue no emails are going out neither from the woocommerce plugin nor the ninja forms plugin i also installed. i set up my smtp settings and sent out a test mail and all is working ok there. im using Woocommerce Version 2.0.14 and WP 3.6.1. please help!

    I am having the same issue. New install of wp and woo. wp system emails work fine. Woo send no emails at all. I can’t find a solution.

    when i use sandbox account then every thing working fine but when i use live account of paypal then it is not working. please suggest what i do? i really need help.


    I am working on wordpress-woocommerce ecommerce website but when we click on lost password link then we entered email id to get lost password.but we getting same email twice please assist.

    Pleae send me solution please please i am waiting for response .

    My Email Id [Redacted by a moderator]

    Same issue here… The system doesn’t send emails at all. I have 2 sites with the same problem. Any ideas to solve this issue?

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