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    I made the shop on woocommerce plugin, it works great, but that’s one problem, after the order it registeres in the system and it’s all ok, but the problem is that the email-notification doesn’t send neither me nor the customer.I had checked the correctness of my email in Woocommerce several times & I had change my php memory to 90Mb, but it doesn’t help me. Please help to solve my problem

    PS: version of Woocommerce which i use – 1.6.6; WP – 3.5

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  • Please use a plugin like Configure SMTP to make your email be send over SMTP.

    Do you get other emails, like when a comment is posted on your site (if you’ve got that enabled) or when a new user is registered on the site?

    Thank you for your answer. But I tryed to use Configure SMTP but it doesnt helps me. Massages in my WP(new comments email-notifications) works well, but in Woocommerce still don’t working! (((

    Have any other ideas?

    indeed does no one had ever faced a similar problem?

    What status are the orders in that you expect to email you? Please note that pending orders will not receive an email (they are still waiting for payment) for example.

    I have the same problem. I updated Woocommerce and now, emails are not sent. what could be the reason?

    Coen Jacobs Status which I see is “6”.

    As method of paymeent I use method cash only. Anyway clients have to receive massage about their order & I have to get same massage too. But it doesn’t occur! ((((

    The emails will only go out once an order goes into processing or directly into completed status. Status 6 is not a default order status. Have you done anything to the orders that changed this, or do you mean id 6?

    Orders Screenshot

    “Have you done anything to the orders that changed this, or do you mean id 6?” What I could done that all my orders get this status?

    Have you tried switching to the default English language to see if that resolves your issue? Are you using any plugin that might affect the order statuses? To narrow this down, deactivate all plugins, use a default theme like Twenty Twelve and switch back to English language (temporarily, or use a staging environment to test).

    Once the issue is gone when you’ve tried it on the default setup, start activating everything one by one and test it between every element that you activate. This way you can easily find the culprit of your problem.

    I have done all that you advise above such as: switched to default theme & language, turn off all plugins (except woocommerce) but it doesn’t help to solve problem.(

    I have similar site on wocommerce, but there all email functions are working. I tryed to compare Woocommerce “System Status” and I saw two difference, you can see it on screenshots here. All other system statuses are the same.
    Maybe problem in them?

    I have the same problem! Try all these things, but it doesn’t work! Please help!!!

    You didn’t make that screenshot when all plugins and translations were disabled, possibly also your theme was still active. Please check the System Status page with just WooCommerce active, in English, using the Twenty Twelve theme.

    Without plugins scrsht is here.

    Having the same issue. I haven’t updated the shop but all of a sudden my client stopped receiving mail messages for processing orders.

    They haven’t changed anything. Seems very odd.


    7ws, your order statuses are obviously screwed up. Have you tried deactivating and activating the WooCommerce plugin again? Just don’t ‘delete’ the plugin (this goes for all plugins) from the Plugins screen in your admin panel, to not lose your data.

    I’m not sure what caused these terms to change their slugs to numeric values, haven’t seen it before. If deactivate/activate doesn’t work, you’ll have to go in your database manually and change the slugs back to the slug values of the titles.

    Before you do anything: Backups, so if anything goes wrong, you can restore.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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