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  • Hi,

    I would love to use the “Easy start thread” option but there is a bug when I use it.
    I tried with Disable Multiple Threads enabled/disabled,
    with Auto Redirect to Existing Thread enabled/disable. Both of them enabled/disabled.

    To reproduce :
    Open a thread and write to “someone”.
    Then delete the thread (don’t delete it from “someone” screen).
    Then go to “someone” public profile page and clic PM button.
    Error : Access restricted.

    The problem comes with the &fast=1 argument when opening a deleted thread wich is not deleted by the other user.

    That would be nice to replace this error by :
    undelete action then open existing thread. (and for more flexibility, adding an admin option to restrict or undelete when thread is deleted)

    Thank you <3

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  • Hi @wordplus,

    I think I found the solution to this, I have to test further to be sure it is not creating a bug somewhere … If you could confirm it was a mistake in the code that would help me. I think so because the array is called $from_user_pms .

    Please first try what I described above. You should get the same issue.
    Then try changing this line in the file ./inc/functions.php

    Original :
    $check_thread = $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare("SELECT thread_id FROM {$wpdb->base_prefix}bp_messages_recipients WHERE thread_id = %d AND is_deleted = '0';", $from_user_pms[$to_user->ID]));

    Fixed :
    $check_thread = $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare("SELECT thread_id FROM {$wpdb->base_prefix}bp_messages_recipients WHERE thread_id = %d AND is_deleted = '0';", $from_user_pms[$from_user->ID]));

    Getting the variable’s integer from $from_user_pms[$from_user->ID] instead of $from_user_pms[$to_user->ID] did the trick.

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    Plugin Author wordplus


    Hi there, @gingerbooch!

    I will check!
    Are you websocket user or free?


    Hi @wordplus,

    I am using free version.



    Hi @wordplus,

    I see this has been fixed after I updated to . Thanks a lot !
    I found a little issue while testing, I will open a new thread for it.

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