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    I have an online shop, where I need to sort my products into different categories.
    I’ve set up a lot of products categories, and divided the products into them.
    I’ve set it up, so that the ‘shop’ page is divided into two main categories (they both have individual pictures as well). Then these two main categories are divided into sub-categories.
    So here is my problem:
    When I press on the ‘shop’ tab, everything works great, I come into a page where there are two images with my main categories, and it says how many products are in these categories.
    And when I click on these main categories I come in to a page with my sub-categories. That works great.
    But if i go to my shop page, and navigate through the drop down bar (the shop is dropdown). If I then press on my main categories, I just get a list of products, at random. This is with every page in the shop drop down, just random products that I’ve uploaded.
    So I want the user to be able to press a page in the drop down, and see the same, as if they pressed the shop, and one of the main categories.

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  • TheTrustworthyDomainTrain


    /product-category/categories/X/ This is the one that ‘works’

    While when I press from the drop down:


    Is there a simple way, to redirect a page to another? a code which I put into the page? so it say:
    /shop/categories/X/ goes to /product-category/categories/X/

    Thanks in advance.

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