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    Hey there, hope you’re doing well. This is about relation between Pods, Formidable Forms and the default WprdPress gallery. I use Formidable Forms for the front-end CPT submitting and editing so our users have better visual experience when they create and edit their entries. Inside the form’s Post Settings/Actions I managed to link all the custom fields that are created in Pods.

    Submission process goes well without any problem. When I go and edit the form in the front-end, all of the textual data and taxonomies are correctly filled/selected, but all of the gallery images, except the first one, disappear. When I check the form entry in the Formidable Forms admin area it is the same situation, images are not displayed, just that first image and it is also weird that inside form’s entry that one image is displayed twice, although there is just one such file inside Media. However, if I check the post itself inside the edit/admin area all gallery images are there. So it looks like form did the job of passing those images where it should but for some reason most of them get deleted at the end of the process. If I would continue with the edit and re-save the post in the front end through that form, of course, all the gallery images, except one, would be gone.

    When I deactivate Pods the form’s multi-file upload works well and all the uploaded images are all visible inside the form entry.

    Steph Wells from their team guided me to try something in this direction but it only worked for a single image upload or I just didn’t know how to set it up correctly and it looks like they don’t offer any additional support for this type of situations >

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  • Plugin Author Jim True


    The problem you’re experiencing is due to the ‘images’ attached to the post are not the images attached to the ‘field’. If you have seven different fields, all containing different images, then just tracking the images attached to the post wouldn’t properly handle what is necessary to track the images attached to the fields attached to the post. We track the ID’s from the Media Gallery in an array in the field post meta for Image/Media/File fields.

    You would need to open this as a Bug or Enhancement Request for Formidable Forms compatibility. We already have an existing Feature Request for Formidable Forms: but you’ll notice without having the plugin author (Formidable) involved, this particular issue will probably not move anywhere. Please direct your questions (and pull in the FF plugin author into that GitHub issue as well).


    Having the same issue with PODS and gallery using standard short codes. Issue happened after version 2.7.2(3) release so have reverted back to version 2.7.1 and all galleries show. Is there a way to “fix” this at a database level to ensure we are using and being afforded the benefit to the latest version(s) of the plugin.

    Thank you in advance

    Plugin Author Jim True


    @piglett49 When you respond to issues that are already closed and resolved, it’s really hard for anyone to notice that you posted something. Please, in the future post a new message.

    Are you still experiencing the issue you mention above? We’re currently at 2.7.6, so not sure if your issue still is around or not.

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