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  • Hello and help!
    I am going nuts here trying to figure out why my posts are not allowing the link to show for a reply or “discussion” by the readers.
    I believe I have checked and double-checked every feature in the Dashboard to no avail.
    Is this a “known issue” due to a corrupt file or something?
    Any help or bunny trails to steer me down will be much appreciated.
    Site is:
    Thank you!
    (PS: a search on the forum came up with nothing for me, so be kind if this has been addressed before.)

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  • Just a query.
    Why are you using <div>blah blah </div> instead of
    <p>blah blah</p> in your article content?

    You have:

    <div class=”post-content”>
    <div>Hello and I’m glad you have found the The Amador Observer.</div>
    <div>So what is this site all about?</div>
    <div>This site is intended to be both an ”Internet Newspaper” and a “Forum”. It is also intended to air the thoughts and opinions of the residents of Amador County in regards to some of the many issues facing us today. The primary theme you will see discussed on this site is growth, but this is not the exclusive subject matter by any means.</div>

    <div>This site will be your opportunity to share your views, information and opinion.</div>
    <div />
    <div />
    <div>This county is facing a crossroads. We haven’t succumbed to rampant development … yet.</div>
    <div>However, the developers have “discovered” our area and the number of proposed retail and housing projects are astonishing.</div>
    <div>Everyone, and I do mean everyone, that I talk to is greatly distressed by what is happening in our area and what is being proposed. It is unfortunate that the prevailing attitude is one of resigned hopelessness. The feeling of ”…what can I do…?”</div>

    <div>Do we just allow a handful of local politicians, bureaucrats and developers to call the shots?</div>
    <div>If you want to see the results of this approach, take a look at Placerville, Folsom, Sonora and just about any once-small town that has become almost unliveable.</div>
    <div>This will be us if we do not speak up and let the Planning Commission, Supervisors and City Councils know your thoughts. This site just may be the place to start.</div>
    <div />
    <div>Please bear with us during this new “start up” period. Feel free to email me with any goofy links or info you may find.</div>

    curious minds just wanna know 🙂

    Hi there,
    You know, I don’t know why.
    I did not actually put this code in here.
    I called up the text “Manage” > “Posts” > “Edit” in Dashboard and there it was as you describe. Hmmm….?
    Being a newbie to WP, does this have any effect to the problem I am experiencing?
    At any rate, by the time you read this, I will have taken the code out and will await your further explanation.
    Thanks, so far!

    It would seem that you have confused posts and pages. <– that is a page, by default users cannot comment on it.

    You need to select “All comments” in the when editing the page, and you also need to add the commenting code to the template file page.php

    Comments are working find on actual POSTs

    Hello Phunky,
    I see what you mean about confusing pages with posts. I am trying to keep “A short Intro” always on top so as not to get bumped down the page with subsequent posts…thus I have set up seperate pages for other topics.
    This will not work?
    Also, would you please expand on your suggestion about “all comments” and “adding the commenting code to the template file page.php”? I am not sure what you mean.
    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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