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  • martenw


    Users get digest and summary emails without any content.
    Below 2 examples.

    De dagelijkse verwerking van groepsactiviteiten
    Je hebt dit bericht ontvangen omdat je bent ingeschreven om de activiteiten van enkele van je groepen per e-mail te ontvangen.

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    Dagelijks overzicht:

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  • Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Hi @martenw – Please provide as much information as possible about the circumstances. Here are some questions:

    – Are all users receiving empty digests? In other words, are there any users who are receiving non-empty digests?
    – In the case of the specific users receiving empty digests, *should* their digests contain content? Are they members of groups where content has been created in the past day/week?
    – If the answer to the previous question is “yes”, is the same problem happening to all members of the group(s) in question? Is there a pattern between groups that are properly triggering digest content and those that are not (private vs hidden vs public, for example)?

    Hi Boone,
    Users subscribed for a daily summary get an empty summary and users subscribed for a weekly summary do not get an email at all.
    In both cases several e-mails were queued up in the mail queue.

    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Hi @martenw – Thanks for the follow-up.

    When you say “in both cases several e-mails were queued up in the mail queue”, can you please give more information? By “mail queue” do you mean the server mailer (postman, etc)? Or do you mean the BPGES digest preview tool (?sum=1)? If the latter, do the emails in the preview have the proper content, or are they also empty?

    Or perhaps you mean that there are entries in the bpges_queued_items database table?

    Or perhaps you mean that *activity* items had in fact been posted, and should have generated queued items, but did not do so?

    Any more detail that you can provide, including more of the information described in, it would be most helpful.

    Hi Boone,

    With ‘mail queue’ I mean the page ‘BPGES digest preview tool (?sum=1)’.
    The emails on this page had the proper content.
    The database table bpges_queued_items contained references (activity_ids) to the corresponding activity items.
    The database table bp_activity contains the actual items.

    For today there is a ‘mail queue’ of 6 items, all for the same activity, 2 for the weekly summary (type sum) and 4 for the daily digest (type dig).

    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Thank you for the clarification. It’s very odd that you’d see the correct items in the ?sum=1 tool, but that you’d see empty digest emails. They are generated in exactly the same way. The only difference is that, during ?sum=1, the emails are not sent.

    You mentioned in your initial report that daily digests are empty, but from what you posted there, the ?sum=1 preview is empty too: Am I reading this correctly? Has the behavior changed since you initially reported the problem?

    Very odd indeed.
    The items I seen in de ?sum=1 tool (daili and weekly) do contain emails.
    This morning I’ve got an empty digest again, but it should contain one item.

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