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    I’m having a problem with the Delicacy theme. Putting text into italics does not work for me. Also, if I am putting something in quotations, it will show the open quotation as an apostrophe, and the closing quotation as a regular quotation. (i.e. “this” becomes ‘this”).

    Also, I was wondering if there is any way to adjust the main content font size and expand the sidebar by a couple of pixels? Most of my ads and widgets are 300px wide, and the sidebar cuts off the end.

    Thank you!

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  • Theme Author alex27


    Delicacy needs solid makeover, and I’m working on it 🙂
    The issue with italics is obviously a bug. As far as quotations are concerned, I can’t reproduce this issue on my demo site.

    Adjustment of content size would be possible, but only if you feel comfortable enough in editing CSS yourself. Also doing this might cause some issues with the images, since they are created to match the default column width. Anyway I plan on addressing this issue – unfortunately I can’t give you a time frame on this.

    If you do decide to make some CSS changes I recommend doing it via plugin – My Custom CSS or if you’re using Jetpack – Custom CSS (it’s an option that has to be activated).

    Thanks Alex! I’m no good at changing CSS…when I tried to change the 299px of the sidebar, everything in the sidebar went away so I just changed it back. I think it’s a really nice theme…I looked and looked and looked before finding this one and chose it over one I had paid over $100 for. I’d be willing to pay for a few tweaks to it or something similar. It just bugs the grammar queen in me that when I put something in italics or quotation marks, they don’t come out right. If you check out this post:

    There are several instances where I used quotation marks that did not show up right once published.

    I saw where another blogger wanted a wider sidebar too and may see if I can figure that part out.

    Update: changed the font, and that fixed the quotations issue. Still trying to fix the sidebar and italics issue. Was talking to another poster who had posted about the sidebar…she got hers fixed, but I did what she did and it’s not working for me. I’ll keep at it.

    The sidebar is already 305px wide – but there is padding set on the widgets inside the sidebar – so that’s constraining the width of the content:

    .widget {
        border-bottom: 1px solid #DCDCDC;
        margin: 0 0 15px;
        padding: 0 0 15px 20px;
        position: relative;

    So if you reduce the 20px on the left side padding, that may solve the problem.

    But as mentioned above, you should use custom CSS to make any changes so they are not lost when you update the theme. Set that up and then add this to your custom CSS:

    .widget {
       padding-left: 8px;

    It IS possible to change the sidebar width – but it will be more complicated as you’ll need to change a bunch of other element widths as well.

    Hooray! That seemed to work! Now my slider comes over a little bit, but only a couple of pictures look funny.

    What’s the best size for images for the featured image slider?

    So glad I have gotten all of my problems fixed now except this last question and the italics! Thanks again everyone.

    I’m not familiar with the theme per se, but it looks like they are getting resized to: 620 x 300. But I see what you mean about overflowing a bit into the sidebar – the slider is wider than the content. You could probably narrow the slider and the images, or maybe move the sidebar down on the home page and make the featured slider centered across the page?

    Theme Author alex27


    To make italics, you’d need to add CSS rule:
    i,em {font-style: italics;}
    this will be fixed in next update.
    On a side note, I hope that you’re making all the changes via child theme. Otherwise, when I release update, you won’t be able to upgrade (or rather if you do you’ll loose all your custom changes).

    Not sure what child theme is. But even if I lose what I’ve done in the upgrade, if it’s as easy to fix it again, it won’t be a big deal. It was just the knowing where to look in the code! Again, a million times thanks. When can we expect an update?

    If I make my featured post images 600 px wide, the wonkiness of the slider is fixed. So that just leaves the italics…which, if I knew where to put that CSS rule, I would be good to go!

    Here’s the link about child themes:

    It’s definitely better to do that now, rather than having to redo a bunch of changes down the road.

    Or for CSS changes, you could install a custom CSS plugin such as jetpack. Then make CSS changes there, including the code posted re: the italics.

    Adding code:

    em {
    font-style: italic;

    To Jetpack CSS did nothing, but adding that code to the bottom of the style.css worked! All my problems are solved now! You guys are the best. 🙂

    Hi Jebbica,

    Can you let me know how you changed the font size and quotations issue? I’m having the same problem!



    Hi! I have the same issue with italics and the quotations, but the bigger problem is some sort of update that just happened yesterday. Does anyone know anything about this?

    My ingredients list now has extra bulleted numbers, and there are other errors, including changes to the box which has “prep time, cook time, etc.”

    Any help? I’m really frustrated and I don’t want to go in and make manual changes to every single post. 🙁

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    If the suggestions in this thread didn’t solve your problem then you should create a new thread about it – as you’re unlikely to have the same issue.

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