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    First, thank you for your great plugin, which i use for a long time now and till now it has working great!

    Since the last update my wordpress dashboard is loading very slow, the dashboard can’t load properly and its not possible, to change any widgets or settings. If i deactivate Download Manager, the dashboard is loading very fast and all is running fine.

    Is there a option to disable every loading from download manager in the dashboard? Perhaps with some changes in the php code? I would be very grateful to find a solution for this problem.

    Thanks in advance for any efforts.

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  • I have the same problem – I have tested all plugins and this one prevents my dashboard from displaying. I have WordPress 3.8.1 installed. Please fix – I need you plugin.

    Same Problem. This is very critical. I had to deactivate the plugin. If you do not have quick solution, I am forced to deinstall the plugin.

    I have the latest WordPress version installed (3.8.1, stable).

    Thank you in advance.

    Plugin Author Shahjada


    in last update I actually changed only a variable ( “Added new option for setting up server file browser base dir.” ), which shouldn’t effect dashboard at all. but still if any one can send a login info to support [at] , I’ll check in details.

    It is strange, I installed the plugin update but the problem occurred not instantly. I’m not shure what you are displaying in the dashboard widget but I suppose that you take the content from remote access. This content might be corrupt. However, it is also possibly that my provider did some changes on the server during that time and these possible changes are the responsible for the problems (I do not have full access on my server, just FTP).

    By the way: the widged on the dashboard is anoying. I know, you want to share your commercials. But this is visible for all users. Please do not display this widget for normal subscribers, they wont buy anything from you.

    As long as nothing I’ve heard here and it does not looks as if the solution would be found soon, I migrated to WP filebase, which works fine …

    Hello all,

    I was having the same issues with this plugin but I have fixed it for now. I knew it had something to do with a CSS file that was being included (for this sake we’ll call it “injected”) into the Dashboard. I also narrowed it down to just effecting the dashboard so I dug further into the source.

    Shaon, you’ll need to figure out a permanent solution for this on your end but for now my work around is as follows:

    1. Go to WordPress Plugins folder on your server where download-manager is located
    2. Open, to modify, functions.php
    3. Scroll to line 89
    4. Remove line 89 and replace it with the following:
      curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
      $output = curl_exec($ch);
      $output = str_replace('<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">', '', $output);
      echo $output;

    Now for an explanation. The problem is a CSS conflict, obviously, from what I can tell. I’m guessing (from what I could see in their source) that the latest WP version of 3.9 is utilizing Bootstrap which I’m, again, guessing has a conflict with the bootstrap being included here. Simply “remove” the bootstrap include that comes from that Widget and you’re back to good graces. This problem happens even if you have the Widget “hidden” in the Dashboard as it is still generating the code just giving a “display: none” style pretty much.


    I had the same problem. This is how I fixed it:

    In the file functions.php of the plugin, find the following line:
    add_action('wp_dashboard_setup', 'wpdm_add_dashboard_widgets',999999 );

    Delete this line or comment it out. This removes the widget altogether from the dashboard.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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