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    I’ve installed your plugin (version 0.5), published an .oam file with Edge (version 1.5), uploaded the file, found the identifier, and used the short code to include the animation in my page. And the animation works . . . except that it loads and plays at the top left of the screen!.

    So, I tried using the format commands you suggest (e.g. left=”auto” and top=100″) within the shortcode to see if it would relocate the animation. No luck.

    Then I uninstalled all the other plug-ins. No luck.

    Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like.

    I suspect that there’s an incompatibility between the animation plug-in and the CyberChimp theme I’m using: iFeature 5.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  • Plugin Author ti2m


    when the animation shows up in the upper left corner it usually means Animate couldn’t find the stage div and it just puts the whole animation directly in the body. So I guess there is a problem with sohrtcodes, but a strange one. The animation gets included, which means the shortcode must be processed. Is some kind of caching activated? Do other shortcodes work?

    Any chance I can take a quick look at it somewhere online?

    Sure, the site’s still under development but here’s the page url:

    I haven’t tried other short codes . . .

    Thanks for the help.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    I gave iFeature 5 a quick testrun, out of the box shortcodes work for me. As I assumed your page doesn’t have a stage div. My best guess would be some kind of caching or filtering.

    You can try always try the latest dev version of the plugin, but I don’t think that’s it.

    Sorry, but this is too specific to your setup, hard for me to say what’s exactly going on.

    I would try another plugin with shortcodes and see if that works.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Wait a sec, while looking at the source code of your page again. The scripts are included in the head which means you must have set a site wide composition in the edge suite settings. So the animation is not coming from the shortcode. Maybe take a look again at the detailed written tutorial, something seems to be off.

    The mystery deepens. I installed your plugin in another one of my sites which also uses a CyberChimp theme (Business Pro 3), uploaded the same .oam file that I created for the original site (but running CyberChimps theme iFeature 5), used the short code per your instructions, and it works perfectly.

    I’ll take a closer look at the tutorial. It may be pilot error 😉

    I’ve resolved the issue. I re-created the page within the site and it worked fine. There must have been some problem with the specific page that I created but when I started “fresh” with a new page, the shortcode and the Edge animation work perfectly.

    Thanks again for your prompt assistance.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Glad to hear it worked. If you like working with the plugin maybe consider voting for it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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