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[Resolved] Problem with customized image template and {TITLE}

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with the image template. I use the following customization:

    <div id=”attachment_{ID}” class=”wp-caption alignleft” style=”width: {LARGEWIDTH};”><img class=”size-large wp-image-{ID}” title=”{TITLE}” alt=”{CAPTION}” src=”{LARGE}” />
    <p align=”left”>Full</p>

    According to the manual, {TITLE} is the same as {POSTTITLE}, and {POSTTITLE} gets replaced with the post title (subject) of the e-mail, right?

    However, with my customization, the title of an posted image is its file name, not the subject of the e-mail. When I tried the same with {POSTTITLE}, the title of the posted image became “tmptitle”.

    To see if there is a general problem with my code I tested it with title=”{ID}” and this worked fine. No idea what might be the problem, any hints are highly appreciated!



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