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  1. phdotaschauer
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello. I have been redesigning my blog and i needed to get rid off tables and crap. So i made everything with divs and the according css sheets and commands. Can somebody tell me why Firefox and IE do display the page so differently. I heard about some mode that you can force the browser in, but I just can't make it work.
    Can somebody please help me.
    The sidebar is supposed to be on the left with a padding-left of 20 px. the content div is on the right side. In IE it doesnt work out like that. The sidebar is at the very bottom - left-aligned.

    My blog is http://blog.p-twice.com
    The stylesheet is right here: blog.p-twice.com/wp-content/themes/whiteasmilk/style.css

    Thank you for any kind of help. Maybe someone knows something about the padding problem.

    Another thing is that I cannot use the padding in the content-div since it then moves everything. That is so bad :(.

    See you Philipp THX in advance!

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