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    When activating your plug-in, it’s causing the following problem :

    The validation script of gravity display an error in red that there’s too much characters in the paragraph field…but the counter below the paragraph field display the count WITHOUT the spaces (example : 309 characters for real but 290/300 display in the counter)… so it’s really confusing…

    When your plug-in is not activated, everything works fine…

    Thanks to get back to me quickly about that! Have a nice day!

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  • CommIma


    Any idea??

    Is it possible to have an answer from the support team?

    Plugin Author ovann86



    I’ll look into this shortly.

    Something doesnt sound right here … but just to note this from the FAQ page

    How does the character counter work?
    The character counter works by using the ‘wordcount’ CKEditor plugin.
    The plugin will use the ‘Maximum Characters’ configured for the field in the Gravity Forms form editor.
    Most importantly, the plugin will only count characters – not spaces or formatting (HTML markup).

    Because my only option for character counting in CKEditor was to NOT count spaces – I had to make the standard paragraph field also NOT count spaces.

    It sounds like this has stopped counting correctly on the front end though, but does the correct count and gives an error on submit.

    Ill look into this – but I’m pretty sure Ill have to make it NOT count spaces.

    Plugin Author ovann86


    OK, I’ve reproduced the issue on my test environment and I think I’ve narrowed down the issue (or part of it) to Gravity Forms updating their character count script, which this plugin attempts to override.

    Looking at the wordcount plugin CKEditor is using, it looks like I can now choose between counting spaces or not – which leaves me wondering if I should also be introducing an option to allow people to choose between counting spaces or not counting spaces.

    Ill continue to look into this.

    Plugin Author ovann86


    I believe I’ve got a fix for this problem, however I’m left wondering why you’re using this plugin as well as the standard Gravity Forms visual text editor.

    Is this deliberate? Or has there been some sort of miscommunication?

    Wow nice it’s working here! It was required in the admin section to add tags (via toolbar) without adding them manually!

    Thanks a lot!

    Plugin Author ovann86


    Thanks for confirming and sharing the use case.

    I for one LOVE having a WYSIWYG in the form editor.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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