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    My main content has been running over my sidebars in some web browsers. So far the problem has shown up in firefox and IE but not safari. I’m using WP-Andreas 1.7 for a theme and I would be happy to post my style sheet if it might help. I’m not a programmer and after a couple of hours of wading around in the documentation I though someone else might be able help. I think this problem presented itself after I upgraded from 2.0 a few weeks ago.

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  • start with this:

    Fixing XHTML errors doesnt require you to be a programmer, ask the thousands of other ppl that have had to do the same. It does require patience, and a willingness to learn, though.

    Am I wrong to assume that this problem is with the CSS and not the html page pointed to in that link? It seems that the errors identified there are inconsequential. I tried this same tool with my style sheet earlier but got an error:

    I dont know, and thats not my point 🙂 My point is that you need to start with not having validation issues.

    You stated above that you think this problem started after you upgraded, that doesnt make it theme related unless you changed themes at the same time. There’s no correlation there, in other words. That said, if you think its a CSS issue, and you have made edits to stsyle.css as it exists on YOUR server, go get the original theme, and replace your edited style.css with the author’s original one.

    As for saying that errors are inconsequential, I can only laugh. I’m sorry, but like it or not, validation errors are very rarely inconsequential. It just depends on what problem you are adressing at the particular time.

    Now, I could download your page, rip out the crap that is causing the errors, and show you what THAT page looks like, and prove my point but really, thats your job 🙂

    Furthermore, how can you possibly say that having structural errors related to <div> tags are inconsequential. 99.99% of a themes display is dictated by div tags.

    I came here for help, not a pissing contest. You obviously know more about this than I do, that’s why I asked.

    if this were a pissing contest, i wouldnt have begun and ended my post with smilies.

    I’ve made 2 very helpful suggestions, take em or leave em.

    good luck.

    fixed it. It was some bad code from blip TV in a recent post. this thread helped:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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