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  • Hello all,

    My level of mastery of PHP and CSS is quite low and I think I screwed something up trying to mess around with a theme.

    I’m using WordPress as a CMS for a non-blog webpage.

    Here’s the address :

    I’m using the Newspress-Sample 2.0.3 by akosipau theme.

    I tryed to play around in the editor to remove the original right lateral bar, which succeeded.

    Then I tryed to ajust the main container so it is full width, which succeeded.

    However, now, if you look at the site from IE or Safari, and MAC version of Firefox, the container doesn’t cover the full heigh of the page.

    Instead, a part of the text is left in a white area (instead of the grey background container).

    Anyway if you see the site from either Safari or IE you should see it right away by scrolling down to the bottom of any page.

    So if anyone could help be figure out what to change in my code (and where to change it) it would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you!!

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