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  • Hi, i have a problem with my wordpress contact form.
    Is there any possibilities to complete and send a contact without having any account registred?

    I mean i go to contact form (no logged into wp) then complet the form and send it withou account on wp. I don’t know how to explain better.

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  • Unless special restrictions have been added, contact forms can be filled and submitted by any visitor on your site. It’s a good way to allow visitors to contact you without putting your email address out in the public.

    Man visitators can’t sand and email from contact form. Let me explain: They complete the contact form they click on sumbit and i don’t recieve any email but if the visitator log in and try to cotact again i recieve ail. I want to recieve email withou the visitator log in or register.

    Which Contact Form plugin and what theme are you using? Also what is your host?

    Look here:

    I made there a request page for grade on my minecraft server.
    So they must complete that form and i must recieve an mail with what they completed there.

    I use Enfold theme and bbPress contact plugin, bbPress have a special Layout editor for page and there have an included contact form.

    The page builder and the contact form is part of the commercial theme you are using. You should contact them with any problems you are having. Try their Support Forum.

    Pff, ok then but it’s there any plugin something like “Custom forms” or smth ?

    Hey friends help me, i installed a contact from plugin on my website Techdelivery but it is not showing there what to do?

    Hi rahulthepcl,
    Please start a new thread with your plugin details and ask your questions at there.
    If it is a plugin from, ask questions in plugin support forum.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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