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  • Jez


    I’m trying to use comments_link() to create a link to my comments page.
    In my index.php everything works fine, but if I use wp.php then the link still points towards the index.php comments page.
    The docs say the function has this parameter:
    “file name, in case you want to use a different template for comments (default is the current template)”
    But when I specify a different filename, i.e. comments_link(“wp.php”) it does not make any difference. The link still points to the index.php comments page.
    So… are the docs wrong, or am I stupid? And if the docs are wrong, how can I achieve what I am trying to achieve (i.e. a link to the comments page without changing to the index.php template).
    Thanks for any help.

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  • I’m not sure where you want the Comments link to go to ?
    Is it to a WP file, or a different one ?
    Which build are you using ?

    Okay .. I think I know what you mean… (and I’m really new to this PHP lark myself)
    When you click the Comments Link, you are getting a page that is formatted the same way as index.php – is that it ?
    And you want it to lose that formatting, so you can style it how you want ?


    This seems to be a known issue, because it mentions on the wiki that parameter doesn’t work. Hopefully the developers will sort it out for 1.1 🙂
    You mention you’re having the same issue with some other calls; could you note that on the same page, next to the relevant tags? Or stick it here and someone else will add it for you.



    The other calls aren’t broken as such, because they don’t take such a parameter. But what I meant was that because they don’t have such a parameter, they are giving me the same problem as the comments_link() link, which is that they link to my default template no matter what template is being used.
    I think that’s right anyway, I just woke up…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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