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    Please can anyone help with this…
    I have been having problems with child themes.
    I initially wanted to create a child theme for Spun but it keeps breaking or not recognising the parent theme. I thought it worked earlier but it still is not working! Am really at my wits end.

    I decided therefore to follow exactly the instructions as on child themes
    therefore with the twenty twelve theme.

    I still get the following error message on the manage themes page:

    This child theme requires its parent theme, Twenty Twelve.

    any ideas as to why this is? Is anyone else having this issue?

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  • esmi


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    Do you still have a copy of the Twenty Twelve theme installed? If not, why not?



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    what is the directory structure for your theme?

    should be:



    what is the full code of style.css of the child theme?

    compare it with

    esmi – I have 3 themes installed: alkane, twenty twelve and twenty twelve child. I decided to delete all the others for now while I run this test.

    alchymyth –
    Yes I have followed the instructions on the link you sent, therefore
    the directory structure i can see in my FTP manager is:

    /wp-content/themes/twentytwelve (many files in here which I have not touched)


    Within the /wp-content/themes/twentytwelve-child directory I have the style.css file located.

    I copied exactly the suggested css file as on your link.

    Theme Name: Twentytwelve Child
    Description: Child theme for the twentytwelve theme
    Author: Your name here
    Template: twentytwelve

    @import url(“../twentytwelve/style.css”);

    It still is saying that the parent theme is missing. When I view the manage themes page both Alkane and Twenty twelve are showing their default webpage image. The child theme is just a grey rectangle – is this how it should appear?

    Also I deleted plugins I installed after I started having these issues so as to eliminate cause of the problem.

    Can’t see/think what else is wrong.


    my host is godaddy by the way – I rang them and they said that there are no issues their end.



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    You can download a pre-made Twenty Twelve child theme from here. Try installing that child theme and see if it works.

    Esmi – I’m sorry but your child theme doesn’t work either.

    When I go to manage my theme, the child theme is there however
    once I activate it I still have error message saying

    This child theme requires its parent theme, Twenty Twelve

    Do you think it could be a bug in wordpress?



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    No – as that child theme works for me on my 5 local installs and for the hundreds of other people who have used it.

    Re-upload a fresh, unpacked, copy of the Twenty Twelve folder to wp-content/themes using FTP or whatever file management application your host provides.


    1) I have called my host to check there were no server issues.
    2) I then uninstalled wordpress from my website account. So in my FTP manager I couldn’t see anything wp related.
    3) I cleared all browsers on my machine (IE,Chrome, Firefox) history
    4) I then re-installed wordpress via my host’s Cpanel
    5) Once installed the only themes located in wp-content/themes are twentyeleven and twentytwelve.
    6) The only plugin activated is Jetpack latest version
    7) Following wordpress codex and WordPress for dummies I then created a new directory inside wp-content/themes called twentytwelve-child
    8)Within this newly created directory (child) I opened up the FTP editor and hand typed in the following:
    Theme Name: Twenty Twelve child
    Description: child theme for twenty twelve
    Author: me
    Version: 1.0
    Template: twentytwelve
    9) I then went into my wordpress dashboard and themes where I can now see the child theme. I activated it. Viewing my site it shows the site layout to be not the same as twenty twelve which is as it should be
    10) I then went back into my child style.css file and added immediately below */ the following
    @import url(‘../twentytwelve/style.css’);
    I saved this
    11) Refreshed my website and voila it now looks exactly like the twenty twelve theme which is great. BUT now in the themes page under twenty twelve child it has the following line:
    This child theme requires its parent theme, Twenty Twelve.
    even though it appears to be working fine.
    Shall i just ignore it and go ahead modifying the child style sheet?



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    did you try the downloadable child theme as I suggested?

    yes esmi I did.
    I have spent 2 days reading books as well as doing everything
    suggested by yourself and others.

    The child theme does seem to be working and pulling in the parent theme the problem is that on the wordpress dashboard>themes
    it has this line (this child theme requires its parent theme, Twenty Twelve) above the activate live preview line of my child theme

    Shall i just ignore it? I noticed a person on this forum had the same issue as mine and they were told to just ignore it so I think I will just have to do that as I can’t afford to waste anymore of my time trying different things.

    thanks for all your help and suggestions

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