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    I i tried to create a child theme but it is not working, and i don’t understand why, i already did it for other themes and it worked… can you help ?

    for the moment i work on the theme replacing css but i can’t make updates or it change the css back…

    please help i’m lost.. getting on my nervs..


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    yes thank you but i already read it… i did everything right.. and it’s not working..

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    Which theme are you working with?

    clean retina



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    Site url?



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    You haven’t activated your child theme yet.

    no because it is not working, it doesn’t recognise the css, so for the moment i work directly on the theme

    Did you “activated” the child theme from the Themes page?

    I tried for the first time, creating a child theme (for Clean Retina) and successfully did so. Here are the steps for record:

    1. First I created a directory “clean-retina-child” (name doesn’t matter), in ../wp-content/themes/ directory.
    2. Then I made a style.css file in that directory.
    3. After that I wrote the following code in a file (which reduces the gaps above header and between header and post):

    Theme Name:     Clean Retina Child
    Theme URI:
    Description:    Child theme for the Clean Retina Theme
    Author:         Vyom
    Author URI:
    Template:       clean-retina
    Version:        1.0
    @import url("../clean-retina/style.css");
    @import url("../clean-retina/rtl.css");
    /* =Header
    ----------------------------------------------- */
    #branding {
    	background: url("images/header-bg.jpg");
    	border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd;
    	-moz-box-shadow: 0 7px 0 #f3f3f3;
    	-webkit-box-shadow: 0 7px 0 #f3f3f3;
    	box-shadow: 0 7px 0 #f3f3f3;
    .hgroup-wrap {
    	padding-top: 25px;
    	padding-bottom: 20px; /* Changed from 45px */
    .hgroup-wrap a {
    	display: block;
    .hgroup-wrap img {
    	margin-top: 39px;
      	margin-bottom: 13px;
    #site-logo {
    	float: left;
      	margin-top: 1px; /* Changed from 39 px */
      	margin-bottom: 1px; /* Changed from 13 px */

    4. I went to <mysite>/wp-admin/themes.php and changed theme to the theme which I just made, “Clean Retina Child”.

    I think you missed 4th step.

    PS: This theme rocks btw!! 😀

    Update: Ok, I kind of screwed up a bit.
    After setting up the child theme, purpose of gaps was solved, but widgets kind of misplaced their places. I had to set up the widgets again. But now everything seems fine! 🙂

    thank you for your help!
    i’ll try tomorrow and i’ll tell you if it worked (hope so)

    why ?
    @import url("../clean-retina/rtl.css");
    I just put
    @import url("../clean-retina/style.css");
    and it’s good, it seems

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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