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    I followed the WP 2.0 upgrade instructions as follows:
    — backed everything up
    — deactivated all plugins
    — deleted old WP stuff
    — uploaded WP 2.0
    — ran upgrade.php
    — went into wp-admin and chose the default presentation

    I browsed my site, and everything looked hunky-dory.

    I downloaded CG-Powerpack I deleted all of my old CG plugin files and installed the new files.

    I then activated the cg-amazon plugin. Browsing to the site now produces a blank page. I can see/do anything in on the admin pages, but I can’t see anything on the main site.

    Deactivating cg-amazon brings everything back.

    There is nothing in the default theme that is calling cg-amazon. I can activate cg-inline with no problems, so this isn’t a problem with the whole powerpack.

    When I bring up the manage plugins page, it shows cg-amazon as being version 1.5.2 instead of I don’t know if this is significant or not.

    I checked all of the cg powerpack php files for blank lines at the end. There were a few. I delete the blank lines. It still produces a blank page.

    I’ve fallen back to 1.5 until I can get this figured out. I use cg-amazon quite a bit, so the is a real showstopper.

    I’m open to suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Got your email, figured I’d post here quickly.

    I had tested CG-Amazon with a beta 2.0 a month back or so, seemed to be working fine. I unfortunately make virtually nothing from the PowerPack, so I have had to prioritize my paid consulting work first… 😉

    That said, I’m hoping to have a chance to look into this further this week — but have to deal with some web-hosting issues myself before I can get back to php code…

    Feel free to ping me if you haven’t heard back in a bit…


    Thanks, David! I undrstand about paid vs. non-paid work. I will be patient. 🙂

    Hi, David. Hate to be a pest, but did you ever have a chance to look into this? Thanks!

    I’ve been testing some hackery, but haven’t had issue with completely blank pages — just with the two warning messages people have noted. Hoping to get back to PowerPack stuff tomorrow, but I might need to give you an ‘alpha’ build to try out, and if that doesn’t work I’d probably have to get ftp+admin access to your site for a short while to interactively debug what’s going on.



    I’d be happy to start with an alpha version. My test bed isn’t public, but I guess I could throw a version up on the web if I have to.

    P.S. Changes are good I’m going to wait for the next release before upgrading, so there’s not a huge hurry.

    I’ve gone with the Amazon Media Manager, which can be found on the “Plugins that work in 2.0” page off of the wordpress upgrade instructions, for now.

    It seems to work reasonably well, but I liked CG-Amazon better and am waiting for David to fix the bugs before I reinstall it.

    I was having the same blank page problems as well.

    Tony Z.

    I’m sorry you are also having problems, but glad to know there’s two of us!

    If either of you have a publicly-accessible machine that reproduces the ‘blank page’ v2 issue, and are willing to have it be ‘abused’ as a test with new alpha code, drop me your contact info to ‘cgcode’ at my site. I’d need temp FTP and wp-admin-level access to debug through it.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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