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  • After some test with my cache pluggin breeze , i found out , the cookie system apear or not depending on the first personne that visit a page.
    for exemple , i fluch the cache ,user get on home page , and click to remove the cookie message ,and then go on page 2 , so he dont have the message…
    if now , an other user get on that page 2 , he dont see the message.
    seems the message statue is save in the page code, so , cache system save it too.

    maybe i dont undesrtant good the way the system work , and there is some seting to do , can you help me ,thanks

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  • Yes, I think I can confirm this issue. Latest version of this plugin doesn’t show up on my website as well (and I’m using Breeze for cache).

    Conflict with a cache plugin

    There are general problems with all of the cookie notification solutions. AFAIK they all have these problems:

    1.) When JS is switched off, the “solution” disappears. There is always a JS dependency – kind of hardly to avoid.

    2.) Caching. If there is some logic dependent on the cookie not already set and set to not showing the notice then the recurring users will fill the cache with pages not showing the notice to even following users without a cookie set.

    These issues could be maybe avoided when the notice is implemented as a regular JS-independent part of the page, showing up either way. Then JS (if there is any) would test the cookie and would simply hide the notice. No JS then no hidden cookie – but better than NO cookie notice: for those who need to fulfill EU regulations.

    I personally prefer dropping the shebang all together and choose a relatively safe location for the site’s ownership – where no lawyers are get into the mood to want to reach out to me.

    Plugin Author dFactory


    @t-mug probably the way we will go will be to put entire notice container into JS and then, on the JS side, decide whether it should be displayed or not.

    Some of the cache issues can be solved with compatibility fixes on per plugin basis, but as the number of caching plugins grows the JS solution seems better.

    Will make an adjustments in one of the future releases or at least provide an option for it.

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    @dfactory your js-solution sounds good. we use your plugin as the standard solution for cookie notice and opt-in and would really like to see this in future. can you already give an estimate for this step?
    let me tell you that it could be wise to implement this as an additional setting, so you won’t change or break things in existing websites 🙂


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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