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Problem with buddypress/bbPress install

  • I am running a fresh install of WordPress 3.4.2 with multisite and subfolders. I have no other plugins activated or even installed except for buddypress v1.6.1 and bbPress v2.1.3.

    I did some searching and found a high degree of confidence here:


    Clicking play/pause, I followed the instructions in that video to a ‘T’. When finished with the instruction, most everything works from what I can see, except for when I click the “Forums” button. I believe this is the BuddyPress forum groups. The link on that button is mydomain.com/forums, but clicking on it takes me to mydomain.com/ which seems to be showing the “Hello World” default post. There is also an error across the top of the default post in a red box that says:

    The forums component has not been set up yet.

    I’ve gone into Network Admin -> Settings -> BuddyPress and unchecked the “Discussion Forums” checkbox. When I do this and click the Forums button, the mydomain.com/forums/ page loads. The error in the red box does not appear, but now I get a different error in simple black text that says:

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in D:\Hosting\5387644\html\www.mydomain.com\wp-content\plugins\buddypress\bp-activity\bp-activity-template.php on line 2359

    My thought is that this is a configuration issue and not an installation issue, and though I see many discussions about this problem doing a google search it doesn’t seem like anyone has resolved it.

    Does anyone here know what might be happening? Or how I can determine what is set incorrectly?

    One thought I have… The video on labzip.com installs BuddyPress/bbPress using the Admin of a single site install. In contrast, I performed my install with multisite (subfolders) already installed and configured so I found myself having to switch from Super Admin Dashboard to Admin Dashboard in order to follow the video.

    Does anyone know what would happen if I installed a fresh install of WordPress, then install BuddyPress/bbPress as per the video – THEN install multisite? It wouldn’t seem this not would work, but maybe it’s the solution?

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