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  • I updated my BuddyPress plugin to 1.6 and its saying its compatible but when I activate the plugin messes up my other widgets to the point where I cant move them! I thought it was something wrong with my site but when I deactivated the plugin, I could move my widgets. When I activated the plugin again, it would not let me move the widgets. I don’t understand if this plugin is compatible to WP 3.4.1 why am I’m having this problem??

    Someone please help because I need this plugin, because I’m trying to build a social network!

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  • Best place for BuddyPress questions is over at, where more eyes are looking at it here.

    Which widgets are you using that “break” when BuddyPress is active? Is the only brokeness that you can’t rearrange them on the widget admin screen?

    Yes the only time the widgets will not move is when the buddypress 1.6 is active. When I deactivate the buddypress plugin the widgets are able to move. I had also deactivated all buddypress plugins accept bp 1.6 to see if anything was conflicting and it still didn’t work. This is what I’m seeing when I click on the buddypress in my back office is this: “Don’t worry! We’ve moved the BuddyPress options into more convenient and easier to find locations. You’re seeing this page because you are running a legacy BuddyPress plugin which has not been updated.
    Components, Pages, Settings, and Forums, have been moved to Settings > BuddyPress. Profile Fields has been moved into the Users menu.”

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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