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    I am extremely new to WordPress, and PHP is totally foreign to me. I got pretty far by myself, but now it’s time to ask for some help.

    I’m having two minor issues that I just don’t know how to fix.

    The first, is that my blog entries are showing up much narrower than the table that I have allotted them, taking up barely 2/3rds of the space they should before wrapping the text. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to take up the entire width of the table cell before wrapping. I have no idea if this is in the CSS or the index.php itself.

    The second, which is purely aesthetic, is that I would really like to add a divider between blog entries. It just makes it much easier to differentiate between entries. If you visit my blog page, you will see a Twitter widget that I put together. It uses a tiled 1×2 pixel image as a divider, which is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for with my blog entries.

    You can see my blog page HERE.

    All help or pointers is very much appreciated.

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  • If it’s any help to know, the basic theme (before I hacked it to pieces) was created in Artisteer 3. The style.css seems to reflect this for pretty much everything.

    I apologize for bumping, but I really do need help with these two issues.


    Your page displays fine in Firefox for me. I don’t see anywhere on your site that the main column is only 2/3 filled.

    I did notice that your contact and lyrics page have the same content, though. Just the contact form.

    I also see a red line divider after your post on the main page.

    Thank you for the response, wspencer.

    I apologize, I just didn’t get back here fast enough to update the post. I do, however, have some new issues of the same ilk.

    The pages other than the front page simply haven’t been created yet. They’re just blank pages in the dashboard as of yet. I had wanted to get the front page nailed down first.

    I managed to fix the width issue on the front page myself. I had accidentally left the php to get the sidebar in the index.php, and it was causing the issues as I have my sidebar hardcoded in html, not using the sidebar php documents.

    The red bar was also fixed, although through much less sophisticated means (I went through and applied the code for it to pretty much everything I could in the style.css until it eventually popped up).

    On the same topic of width issues, I am noticing that on basically every page except for my home page the content is wider than I have allowed in my index.php. I’ve also noticed that these pages don’t even seem to be using my index.php, which is confusing because I was under the impression it was the default template for all pages. All other pages are using the sidebar php documents, and are set to a width that is quite a bit wider than the tables I have set up for my front page.

    HERE is an example.

    This is a problem for pretty much every other page, comment pages in particular. I definitely need to know how to amend this. Is it just other php documents that I need to add the format from my index.php to? I’ve looked at a few (comments.php as an example) and it just looks like a mess to me.

    I appreciate any and all help.

    index.php is the default template for POSTS. page.php is the default template for PAGES.

    If your pages are different, you can create custom page templates for each.

    I usually set up my css to have a main-content wrapper that defines the set width for the site’s content. I then open that div at the end of the header.php file and close it in the footer.php file. This way, whatever new page/post I create automatically is placed inside of the main-content wrapper div.

    So the comment pages for posts works off of the page.php document?

    I feel like a simpleton for not immediately realizing that page.php would be the default for pages; thank you for setting me straight, it is much appreciated.

    Unfortunately, I’m too short on time to reconfigure my style.css and work the pages as you suggested (mostly due to my lack of knowledge), but it definitely sounds cleaner that way, instead of opening the div inside tables as I’m currently doing it. I will definitely be looking into that when I have a chance to tinker and redo the theme as a 1.1.

    So just to clarify, are the comment pages for posts handled by the page.php or the comments.php?

    The comments.php was particularly intimidating when snooping around in it. Hard to see where to start and where to end when it comes to copying it into my existing template format.

    Thank you again, wspencer; you’ve been a great help.

    comments.php displays the comment form for new comments and displays the list of comments already left

    Thank you one final time, wspencer. You’re an amazing help.

    I found the last little bit of problem in the single.php, and all is currently well. I’ll definitely look into amending my code as you had suggested.

    Thanks again!

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