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  • Since the last version of WP I’ve experimented a problem which gives me tons of headache.

    It happens that files which contain weird characters in their name such as: “é, ç, ñ, ô, ü…”, are correctly uploaded and showed in some of the browsers: FF, Chrome; but they present problems in others such as Safari, which can’t open them.

    I recommend WP change file names at uploading point, replacing weird characters by friendly ones.

    It’s not a big deal and helps internationalising the platform.

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  • I am encountering the same problem. Filenames with french characters do not show up in Safari and Safari Mobile.
    I am however still wondering if this is a Safari bug or a WordPress problem? Any clues?

    I actually copied the images to a simple HTML file, in order to find out:$kdu

    It appears that the first image has been renamed very strangely when it was uploaded to WP. However, i suppose that this may have to do with the fact that it has been uploaded by a MacOS user (who may have a strange character encoding on her local computer).

    The second image has been renamed by me via the command line on a Linux server configured to use utf-8. It displays correctly even in Safari.

    The original upload (first image) has been made via a WP-installation running WP 3.4.1

    Problem seems actually to be linked to Webkit not supporting these filenames.

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