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  • I think Atahualpa is great, but I don’t know how to deal with this Buddypress message:
    “NOTE: To remove the “BuddyPress is ready” message you will need to add a “buddypress” tag to your theme. You can do this by editing the style.css file of your active theme and adding the tag to the “Tags:” line in the comment header.”

    I don’t find a style.css file and even if I did, I don’t know css at all so it would be a problem to do what the message says.

    I’ve been thru this before, do NOT want to change themes, but last time I just uninstalled buddypress, but still need it. Could we get an update which would avoid this headache please? And meanwhile, if someone can please reply with the fix, it would be so appreciated!

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  • There are two ways to get rid of the message:
    1) Put the following line in your bp-custom.php or wp-config.php file:
    define( 'BP_SILENCE_THEME_NOTICE', true );
    2) Add ‘buddypress’ to the tags list in your theme, as you suggested. wp-content/themes/atahualpa/style.css. The list of tags is at the top of the file. You do not need to know any CSS to do this.

    Could we get an update which would avoid this headache please?

    The “BP is ready” message is important, because it lets site admins know that their themes will not display any BP content until after they have taken appropriate steps. As it stands, Atahualpa is not BP-ready out of the box, so it is perfectly appropriate for the message to be displayed. So I’m not sure what your suggested updated would include.

    Thank you. Well I had taken “all the BP steps” the first go-round and had to take on a different BP theme which I didn’t like very much, and which eventually crashed my website. Then I went thru the hell of trying with both Drupal and Joomla but there are data loss and other problems transitioning to either. I need to make Atahualpa work if at all possible. Just removing that message isn’t enough unless BuddyPress can actually do it’s all it’s stuff with Atahualpa.

    Guess I should next try Atahualpa’s website.

    You can also have a look at the BuddyPress Template Pack, which may be able to help you to make Atahualpa BP-ready:

    Of course I’ve installed BP Template Pack. I am finding BP’s instructions, hints and tools to be less than coherent. Part of that difficulty is that I don’t find much on configuration which is very helpful in knowing just what to expect with this’n that.

    Anyway, I’m finding nothing at Atahualpa to indicate any interest in BP and this has become a great game of hide & seek, trial & error, peat & repeat, trying all sorts of alternatives. Seems best at this time to simply start over go with BP’s defaults and build from scratch, but I don’t care much for their themes and dread trying to configure unknown themes without a clue what will or won’t be possible to accomplish with the theme tools available.

    Meanwhile my website has been in constant disarray over the last 6 weeks, some key Members seem to have given up on me, and we’re probably confusing the hell out of Members and New Visitors alike. Sorry, that’s whining, not a support issue.

    Anyway, Atahualpa isn’t going to work with BP without much more CSS and PHP savvy than I care to learn. Being age 73 and fading doesn’t help! I would have been far ahead to have hired someone to set all this up, but that’s not in my SS budget.

    Same appears to true with themes Arjuna and Suffusion. So let’s just drop this thread and not waste more of our time I do appreciate your efforts to help, Boone.

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