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    I am trying to create an “aside link list” using the Manage Links option as described in the Chapter “Customizing your sidebar”. ( close to the end)
    Everything works fine untill I have to format the list. The heading is shown and the links are listed as I want. But; I cannot get the descriptions lines under (only a moseover) and the list/borders as shown in the example. I frankly don’t have a clue about where to find the style sheet and the setting to accomplish that.
    Thank you for any help pointing me in the right direction.

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  • Just to show I keep trying to solve this problem and not only waiting for your help.

    I have been “studying” CSS and the different issues related with customizing different parts of the sidebar.
    Now I know pretty well where in the stylesheet my asides feature is formatted and I have put this feature under (.box) which partly solved my problem.

    But a question remains. If I change the style for

      , or div= or class, I change not only the format of my asides but also of all other elements under the same rules.

    Is it possible and/or advisable to create a special class or div for the asides?

    Thankfull for any comments.

    My site is but I am doing all the testing locally.

    Sorry, I think it’s going to be quite difficult to help you unless you give us your site or some sample to look at.

    Edit: Or maybe not. If you’re using the Links method outlined in the Codex article you supplied, then it should be possible to apply a unique class for your links. In the template tag get_links(), where you place the pre- and post-tags, i.e.
    <li> and </li>, place <li class="asides"> and </li> instead. You could also just wrap the entire asides block with a div with a custom class. There’s normally nothing wrong with doing so on the advisability part.

    Thank you, ZMAng.

    I will clean up the mess I did and I will follow your advice. And I will upload my site next time in order to show what I am doing.


    I discovered the plug in Sideblogs and that solved my problem. great!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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