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  • Hello. I am having major trouble with my contact form 7 form.

    I cannot get our client’s AOL email to receive submissions from the form,

    I did the same as others have tried – I made the from email an email associated with the domain. That seemed to work temporarily for a few emails but then stopped working.

    I also tried easy smtp plugin but that seemed to fail too.

    Can someone PLEASE help with this issue? I am at a deadend and cannot figure this out.

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  • I’m assuming your form works just fine with non-AOL addresses?

    When you said changing the “from” to the domain email worked temporarily, it makes me wonder if AOL isn’t the problem. Have you checked to make sure your IP isn’t on an AOL spam blacklist? You can check that here.

    Using SMTP is a good idea, too. It will serve to make your emails look less spammer-like and be more reliable.

    The other thing I would recommend–and I realize how difficult it is to pry clients free of AOL–would be to have them step up to an email address based on their domain. It looks more professional, advertises their “brand” with each email they send using it, and you’ll have more control over the server’s handling of the email. You also won’t have to worry about trying get un-blacklisted with AOL if that turns out to be the issue.

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    Hi Linux. Thanks for the help.

    Yea It works fine with gmail and other emails.

    I checked my hosts (godaddy) ip on that site. It came up as undisclosed.

    I tried the plugin “Easy SMTP” and that did not seem to work. It seemed to break the contact form completely and no form submissions would get sent out at all. The form even had an error saying it could not send the message.

    Unfortunately my clients are a bit close minded and will not let go of their AOL.

    Any other ideas to tackle this?

    Thanks so much for the help.

    Undisclosed? That may be the problem. It should come up as “good” if you’re not on one of their lists, I think. You may need to contact AOL and see what the problem is.

    I’m sorry that the Easy SMTP caused yet another issue to diagnose. There is a “Testing and Debugging” settings section in Settings -> Easy WP SMTP that you can use to send a test message to make sure your SMTP setup isn’t the issue with the failed send.

    One other thing to check if you haven’t already is to be certain the emails aren’t going into a spam folder on your clients’ AOL accounts. The clients I’ve had that have clung to AOL were the type that didn’t think to check their spam folder when they “didn’t receive” an email.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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