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  • I manage several WordPress multisite installations in the domain, each one with its own Akismet API key. In order to simplify their management, I use to hardcode the Akismet API key in wp-config.php file.

    After updating Akismet plugin to version 2.5.8, the hardcoded key in wp-config.php file doesn’t work. I’ve tried to hardcode it in akismet.php file, line 44, but to no avail. So, I’ve reverted to version 2.5.7.

    Even in some normal sites (one blog installation), I have problems when the API key is hardcoded.

    Any idea of the cause of this behaviour?

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  • As my previous question has not been answered, I would like to make some clarifications on it. Let’s begin with a new question:

    Can anybody confirm if Akismet 2.5.8 works in WordPress 3.5.2 when the API key is hardcoded in wp-config.php file?

    I’ve done some tests, and I’m not sure if this technique works with Akismet 2.5.8. For example, when the API key is hardcoded in wp-config.php and a new site is created, the API box in Plugins > Akismet (once logged as superadmin) is empty. Below the box, there’s the following message:

    You must enter a valid Akismet API key here. If you need an API key, you can create one here

    Does it mean that the API key is not activated for this new blog, or not? As Akismet page has changed in new version, I’m not sure about this. In version 2.5.7 there was no warning message in Akismet settings page.

    Hi, there

    You’re not alone. i observed similarly with A.kis.met 2.5.8 in WordPress 3.5.2 multi-site, with WPCOM_API_KEY constant hardcoded in wp-config.php.

    Dwelling on akismet.php & admin.php, the code calls akismet_get_key() & get_option( 'wordpress_api_key' ) at differnt context. akismet_get_key() gets WPCOM_API_KEY constant else ‘wordpress_api_key’ from db while get_option( 'wordpress_api_key' ) ommits WPCOM_API_KEY constant. As a result, the UI shows inconsistency.

    Nonetheless, when A.kis.met calls API host, it still honors WPCOM_API_KEY — my best guess only.

    We might get a patch soon if heard.

    Thanks for the hint, Clojel. Two days ago, I wrote directly to Akismet; so, I expect they release a patch.

    I remember discussion on this years back in the WPMU days: hard-coding the API key was supposed to be only available to “commercial” (aka PAYING) users. Note that this was a licencing requirement, but was not being technically enforced. I wonder if this is still the case, and if they’re trying to enforce that now.

    Thanks, George, for the hint, but the Akismet Terms of Service page ( states the following:

    To use Akismet, please register with us to obtain an Akismet API Key. API Keys are free for personal use, and we offer paid licenses for commercial use.

    All the multisites where I use Akismet with the API key hardcoded in wp-config.php are personal or educational (for example, this one:, which is a multiblog platform for school teachers). None of them can be considered “commercial” in any way.

    If Akismet would have liked to change their policy in order to enforce their licencing requirements, I think they would have written it down in the changelog. Don’t you think so?

    Anyway, do you have any other information about Akismet license or terms of service?

    Anyone figure this out yet? We also run an institutional(education) multisite install. Was it a coding problem or do they want us to get a corporate key now?



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    @jasonheffner: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Posting in an existing topic prevents us from being able to track issues by topic. Added to which, this topic references an old version of WordPress.

    @esmi I appreciate your response, but I’m asking about the current topic. I’m wondering if anyone has figured this out yet. This issue wasn’t answered and we are seeing the same behavior. Opposed to starting a new topic I felt appropriate to respond to this existing topic since the problem was explained in detail, imo.

    Specifying the WPCOM_API_KEY in wp-config.php isn’t working as before.

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