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  • hi guys, love buddypress. Here’s my prob. I got BP single user all set up and I continued on to test registering on my site, after signup it simply loaded page saying “signup was a success” and told me to log in. then for some reason a day later, when I tested registering again, It suddenly asked to validate my account “check email for activation” code. I was ok with that, but NOW I am getting lots of new users saying the activation code/ link in email is not working for them, and even when they cut and past the code in the activation page box, it still does not validate them.

    So to recap, at first BP was not requiring validation, so I would like to know how to revert back to that.

    Secondly, I may want validation in the future, So why are some able to successfully activate while others are not?

    Latest version of WP and BP, NOT MU.

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  • Email validation was added in – so that’s why you’re suddenly getting this. This has been added as it was possible to register with an invalid/spoofed address without it.

    Please try creating a new account for yourself and then testing the validation link in the email. I haven’t seen any reports of this problem. If you continue to have issues please post at (same login as here) and we can continue the debugging.

    I am having this exact problem right now. I made a test user and got the email asking me to click the authentication link and I got a box saying authentication failed, please enter activation code. I copied the activation code itself and it did not recognize it; looping back to the same red box.

    okay, I am a horrible liar… I just did 3 test users in a row an had no problems… grr… why are my people having a hard time signing up? – rhetorically delivered as I am still exploring the problems. Thanks anyway.



    Having a similar issue. Where in WP does it allow me to config the activation email? WP3.0 / BP This may be a BP function but their manual might as well be on rice paper, laying out in the rain…

    users can start the form, they click “Complete Sign up” and go to the upload avatar page. After that, nothing. No email shows as being sent or received.

    same problem, using multisite (WP 3.0) and buddypress, after complete the sign up process users are redirect to avatar page, after that no email with activation link, ideas?

    Same tfor me, wp3.0 multisite, sistem updated from wpmu and latest version of buddypress. Some solutions?



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    @aleyho – there have been some topics before in BP forums re problem with emails for installs hosted with Bluehost which was resolved with this plugin

    Other than that, you have to be more specific – BP version? Why not upgrade to WP 3.0.1? What WP/BP installed which deals with registration? etc.

    I have the same issue. Single site, wordpress 3.0.1, buddypress I’ved debugged it a bit and have discovered that some users are getting a blank activation code, but are being put in status 2. I don’t quite understand why yet, but I’ll update if I find anything.


    Same problem here. Running WP (single site) and BP both at the latests versions. Wasn’t having this problem before the upgrade. I did attempt to switch over to multisite a few days ago and was foiled by a glitch that doesn’t allow multisite activation for sites older than 1 week. Might this attempt be somehow related?

    If there is a mirrored thread on, please let me know so I can follow it there.

    same here.
    All user with new register are marked like Spammer and this doesn’t the user make login.
    Follow until the user perfil and hit “Not a Spammer” in Admin Menu on the BuddyPress bar.
    It was the solution that I found for while.

    Hi, I’m getting a similar problem with my buddypress site. I have mu installed too. When someone registers it doesn’t add their details to the database but it does send the activation email wich obviously then doesn’t work. Has anyone found a cause for this? It was working up until the 9th Jan but seems to have stopped for no reason! nothing has been changed on the site so no idea why it has broken



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    @rlparker81 your question will be better addressed at BuddyPress Forums. You can use same username and password you use here to log in.

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