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  • Hi i have rather confusing problem. i have first set a wordpress instalation at my test hosting at – , i havent messed with the CSS of the theme i simply entered HTML content into the pages and my website looked fine on my machine on both IE7 and FireFox but on other machines in IE7 there were some elements drasticly shifting.

    I thought this problem will have to wait for when i transfer my website and wordpress instalation to its final hosting and new domain at : on first glance in FF all looked just fine , but in IE7 all hell breaks loose in IE7 only the first page of the theme is centered where it should be all other sub pages are left oriented and completely rearanged elements , elements sliding above each other when they should be next to each other, elements loosing their allign etc.

    I should warn that i am new to HTML and CSS but i cant quite figure why this happens when i haven’t tweaked the wordpress theme CSS at all and simply entered HTML content into the pages, also why my first wordpress installation handles different than the new installation in IE7 when the are practically the same (content and style wise) ?

    I know i haven’t given you much useful information but if there is someone willing to look further into my mess and guide me through i can provide any additional info that he/she needs.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • I should warn that i am new to HTML and CSS

    Well, in that case you should NOT put any kind of HTML in your posts/Pages because there is a lot of bad code in your Page templates, in the content (the ugly tables) etc. Furthermore, you should never try to put anything in the content that is wider than that area: it will always push down your sidebar(s).
    Want an example?
    You have a content wrapper of 950px.
    The real content area is defined as 60% of it = 541px and then you place a table of 611px wide in it. That will never work!

    That explains the shifting of the side bar panel for where the tables are but for example on any of the pages that i got galleries same thing happens, when i remove all content the sidebar gets in place but the whole theme is left oriented and i havent tweaked the theme CSS at all it is the same as the previous.

    I noticed that on the pages that i put galleries the galleries are those that throw my side bar panel down. so i should reduce the size of the galleryies ?

    cant i set an exception for IE for example where i can set only for IE the wide of the content wrapper to be a bit wider so that it can fit the whole content of the page and not push the side bar down?

    I know this should be possible though i dont know how to do that.

    All the above will resolve the issue with my sidebar shifting down but not why the whole page except the 1st one goes left and not staying centered as the home page. Thats whats troubling me more.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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